About Us

Through our staff’s personal attention to detail – LSI Association Management will continue to be the “premier” association management of choice by ensuring our residents are safe, well informed and delighted to live, work and play in our communities.

Below is a list of a sample of our duties in assisting your HOA.  We do not stop here – we will do whatever necessary to make sure your community is in beautiful condition.

  • Collection of assessments.
  • Draft correspondence in response to policies of the board and all other correspondence as it pertains to association matters.
  • Compile and complete reports as required such as a monthly Cash Flow Statement for the Board of Directors.
  • Verbally respond to all queries of association members and or association business associates.
  • Help the BOD draft statements of work and contact businesses for bids on all contracts.
  • Assist board members in the selection of vendors such as contractors and insurance providers.
  • Track all payables and receivables for the Association and provide an annual financial summary to the Board.
  • Attend the Association meetings and record the minutes if the secretary is unable to attend.
  • Perform site inspections and direct the enforcement of the association’s covenants and restrictions as approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Assist potential buyers with copies of the current association documents.
  • Perform a weekly inspection of the properties to ensure compliance with the Association’s documents.
  • Arrange and organize all mailings with the association paying for the postage.
  • Plan and draft budgets for the association.
  • See to it that vendors providing necessary property maintenance do so under written contracts than insure protection from liability to the Association.
  • Verify/oversee that maintenance is being performed per the written contracts in place with vendors.
  • The Treasurer would forward all bills to the CAM for processing. The checks (along with envelopes completed and postage for mailing) would be forwarded back to the Treasure and/or President for signatures before mailing.

For more information, please contact us at 850-234-7772 or vacationrentals@lsilife.com


About LSILife

The LSI Group of Companies is a national market leader in its field, successfully blending all disciplines of real estate.  Founded in 2007 by Harvard MBA Graduate and CEO, Candace Easdale, LSILife has expanded its portfolio and services exponentially, with more than 3,000 units operating in Las Vegas, Honolulu and Panama City Beach.  LSILife has over 10 years of experience in real estate buying/selling, property management, vacation rental and community management and during this time, LSILife Divisions have received a number of distinguishing honors highlighting not only the significance LSILife has held within the industry, but also for its customer service and marketing efforts.